Some where around 1992 Keith Hic was lent a PC and some music software.
These rudimentary tools were the genesis of Drive. Being enclosed and limited unlike the live music/noise of Vvroom created it own sound.

It (and Keith at the time) were insular, and the these tracks were retained in the archive until Bumhong Records coaxed the out (GUPPY15). By then however Keith has moved his recording style into the artist Burnt Bacon, Right?, but Drive continued to exist as a remixer and one of track artist.

In this style Drive release tracks on numerous labels including Hallo Excentrico! Bit-Phalanx, Digital Vomit (page 1) (page 2), as well as Hic Xmas albums.
In 2012 Drive went quiet.

In 2016 Solypsis and dismissiverecords released a retrospective tape mix including early unreleased Drive tracks
dismissiverecords Keith Hic Early-recordings-and-experiments-1992-1998

Now in 2017, circumstance (and an array of incidences) have invigorated the long sleeping artist start recording again - this time for a (yet to be homed) album. Mellowed with age may, but still working with the same techniques pioneered 25 years ago this is going to be a heady album.

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