Solypsis - Purge (DVR001 DVDr)


Release date: December 2005
Pressing: 25 DVDrs
Produced and compiled by Solypsis
Artwork by 7u?


The tracklist is far too long for this page. Instead, have a look at the Purge tracklist page.


This is a homemade DVD-R produced by James ‘Solypsis’ Miller, covering his entire back-catalogue of released and unreleased tracks from his 8 years of producing electronic music. As well as the 700 MP3s, the DVD-R also contains sleeve-notes in the form of .txt files dotted all over the disc, some promo images and selected radio play, including the review from BBC Radio 3’s Mixing It show.

An updated version of Purge with tracks both added and deleted can be purchased here:

Please note this edition is NOT hand-made and IS pro-pressed. Whether that's a good or bad thing is for you to decide.

UPDATE: Re-issue out-of-print. No longer available in any form.

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