Various - Can Buy Me Love 2 (DVR002 2xCD)


Release date: May 2006
Pressing: 500 2xCDs
Compiled by Solypsis
Mastered by Toecutter
Artwork by 7u?

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Disc One
1) IdiotlustSh!t Bastard Pop In The Anus
2) Kid Time CD ROM AdventuresParis Hilton’s $400 Gold-Plated Tampon
3) DatarapistTale Of The Tapes
4) Cock E.S.P.Bored Mind (Alternate Mix)
5) Big In AlbaniaHalf A Brain
6) SolypsisThe Beast With Seven Heads (Terminal11’sSparkleDownerRemix)
7) Anne TandekScary Splice (in loving memory of Jonathon Taylor 1959-2006)
8) MunicipleJack Proper
9) Oscillatorial BinnageMechagulls
10) Sex Is For ParentsYou're 40 Years Young & I Can Make You A Stinkypuss
11) Stretch MCs (Connor “Khonnor” Kirby-Long)Lil’ Jon vs. Stretch MCs
12) MixomatosisIdiotf*cker
13) HarbourZombiecarrotai
14) GrideyeSafety Net
15) M.A.N.Cardboard Planes
16) Oscillatorial DamageSkullcrusher
17) Raw GashBallintore Fancy
18) Big In AlbaniaShampoo My Pants (one for the ladies)
19) Jansky NoiseFranz Ferdinand might be from Glasgow and that’s alright but their music is a pile of pussy f*cking sh!te and then Christ destroys us
20) F*ckrewindzPass Me The Dubplate
21) 7u? with Adolf StrangLove Goat/Noise Boat
22) Junkshop Coyote vs. Fast LadyTheir Majesties Satanic Advocacy
23) UKDragonoh_zero_one
24) DatarapistSex Tourist
25) DIHBut What If
26) Christopher JionTry And Kill Me!
27) Anti-Kati - Muestra Para Ministerio De Sanidad
28) MixomatosisChildren Suffer
29) Kid Time CD Rom Adventures - !@#$%
30) DJ Rainbow EjaculationSometimes When I’m Raving I Dunno If I’m Coming Or Going
31) ToecutterLife Is Cheap But Toilet Paper Is Cheaper If You Steal It From A Pub

Disc Two
1) Solypsis - What Was Once Mine Is Now Yours (**Datach'i** Remix)
2) Peter ZD A I M
3) EdenfluxShake Shake Yar Choom Choom
4) Cats Against The BombGuitar Wolf Man/Billy (live at Nottingham Social)
5) Hardoff and Alan Titmashgrime=sh!t
6) Broads From CanadaThis Beer Is To That Beer As That Beer Is To Those Beers
7) HarbourBIA (Timbermix)
8) iivixYou Were A Man, Eddie Guerrero (RIP)
9) Barbwire HandjobSocrates
10) Christopher JionGynocide
11) DIH and FriendsJames And The Reindeer
12) H-KonIntellectual Break
13) Dave NoyzeLanddownunder
14) IlkaeInedible Candy
15) Moo Moo Cow CowHello, My Name Is Eddie
16) Turbo LesboIt’s Stuck Up Inside Me
17) UKDragonInternal Conflict
18) Alien HandPloughman’s Lunch
19) PerpSleaze
20) Wyatt GurpThrillkill
21) Shanks PonyDun So Burr
22) Sleeplesness Burton 002]
23) Protman160MUDJ 20060101
24) HoorayWOS


This is the second volume of the “pay-to-play” compilation series, organised by James ‘Solypsis’ Miller. 55 tracks, and nearly 50 artists are included on this release. Since its release, the album has since been made available online to download, courtesy of Hallo Excentrico!, but is currently offline. Volume 1 was released under Solypsis’ own label Couch Fort, who also released the Ottoman Empire compilation. Information on both of these releases is now available from the Releases page.


The tracklisting on the sleeve features many discrepancies, due to lack of communication between Solypsis, Toecutter and 7u?, and as a result there are loads of typos and production notes on the list. The correct tracklisting is here, on this page. If you spot any errors however, let us know at the Vomitorium. These are the two main discrepancies:

  • The track “My Boy Is Dead - Jockitch Ringworm Psoriasis Tetter” was inadvertently removed from the album. It has not been made available anywhere since.
  • The Toecutter track is listed on the CD as “Life is cheap but toilet paper can be stolen from the pub”. I don’t know which one’s correct, probably the one listed here.
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