Various - No Time For Love 2 (DVR003 MP3)


Release date: May 2006
Pressing: unlimited MP3 EP
Compiled by Solypsis

Link to download page (hosted by A-Klass Records)


1) Shanks Pony - Dr. Robert's Construction Set
2) UKDragonAerosol
3) Lisbent - Higher And Higher (ArcadeusSanctemoneyMix)
4) Tiger Streifen - Tiger Streifen
5) My Boy Is Dead - Joe Fuck-Stick (Bit-Rate Disaster CD Rot Mix)
6) Protman - 121_Turkey
7) HardoffCliches
8) HooraySpin
9) Junkshop Coyote - Invoking The Spirits (Dance Velocity)
10) My Boy Is Dead - I Might Just Smoke Shit (Underwater Mix)
11) Oscillatorial Binnage - Chaos Engine
12) Christopher Jion - Burning At 900 MPH Pt. 2
13) DatarapistLeuw
14) LisbentStarfallfromheaven
15) iivix - Body Tefal


This is the second volume of the MP3 outtakes collection from Can Buy Me Love 2. The first was released under the Couch Fort banner. This release has been made available from the Canadian label A-Klass Records on their website. A-Klass are also responsible for the amazing tribute CD to dreadful Euro-techno outfit and KLF rip-off merchants Scooter – “The Gutter Techno Experience”.

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