Various - Can Buy Me Love 3 (DVR004 CD)


Release date: September 2006
Pressing: 500 CDs
Compiled by Mixomatosis
Artwork designed and printed by 7u?
Sleeves provided by V/Vm

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1) Junkshop CoyoteNightmare News
2) Scorpio Scorpio feat. Bambi and the BambisRock'n'roll Murder (For The Term Of My Natural Life)
3) Cats Against The BombPump It Up (NY)
4) SolypsisThe Jupiter (extract)
5) PilchardCome On If You Think You’re Hard Enough
6) Big In AlbaniaSh!tty Dance Music Will Tear Us Apart
7) Shanks PonyCosmic Chew
8) HoorayOne Boy, His Cat, And A Drum Machine
9) DatarapistScham
10) Massive HospitalisationBotched Face Transplant/Pissed-Up Brawl In Colchester A&E/Cap’n Bones’ Swiss Cardio-Holocaust
11) Ellen DegenerateSelling Keyboards To The Next Generation Of Electronic Producers
12) MixomatosisAleatoric Acid (Making Love To Linn mix)
13) Solypsis15 Seconds Of Fame
14) Rank SinatraI Was Mad
15) Turbo LesboRagga Night In Wisconsin
16) Wyatt GurpMotel Hell
17) Alien HandDehumanised
18) DJ Yves St LaurentLeave That Electronic Dog Alone
19) Peter ZAiyay Line
20) Shanks PonyA UKDragon Trick I Like Idea
21) Cats Against The BombShort Controlled Burst Number 1
22) Chau ProjectAzure
23) iivixThe Weakness Of The Flesh
24) Jansky NoiseDon’t Be Lonely For I Am Here
25) Cock E.S.P.Hell’s Taco Bells (Crunchwrap Mix)
26) V/VmGoddag Dum
27) The ABsTime To Shag


This is the third volume of the “pay-to-play” compilation series, curated by Mixomatosis. 27 tracks by over 20 different artists are included on this release. Volume 3 was taken over by Mixomatosis, after Solypsis got too stressed and fed up doing volumes 1 and 2. Unlike previous editions, this CD was not mastered.

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