Various - Dry Heaves (DVR006 7")


Release date: August 2007
Pressing: 300 7" vinyls
Compiled by Max Machismo
Financed and released by Junkshop Coyote and 7u?
Artwork by 7u?


Side A
1) Wyatt Gurp - Slammer
2) Hooray - Dark
3) Datarapist - Pounding The Pink
4) dj YSL - 13turntables
5) Junkshop Coyote - World Without End (Solypsis Remix)
6) 777 - Me And Ray Meagher Go Way Back

Side B
1) Hardoff - Horsecore
2) My Boy Is Dead - Spanning The Globe
3) DESPO - 30 Second Symphony In A
4) roboSTUD - I Wash My Hands 100 Times Everyday
5) Pidgin - Statutory Rap
6) 7u? - Hazyshada


This is the first scheduled vinyl release from Digital Vomit, and was originally organised by Max Machismo. This release suffered from very long delays due to lack of communication with Max Machismo himself, and rumour has it the money for the release went up his nose, so to speak. Thankfully, the saintly figures of Junkshop Coyote and 7u? got together to finally get it finished, and it is now available to buy in a limited edition of 300.

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