I Could Do Better Than That - The Best Of Season One (DVR007 CDR)


Release date: September 2006
Pressing: 100 CDRs
Written, performed and produced by I Could Do Better Than That


This CD contains 31 untitled tracks, each approximately 60 seconds in length.


This is a highly limited CD-R produced by DigiVom regulars and conceptual artists Hooray and iivix, collectively known as I Could Do Better Than That. This release contains recordings from the first 4 artistic events put on by the duo, which took place in the first half of 2003 in both the legendary Foundry bar, and the 291 Gallery. The events are improvised musical performances, in which anyone could claim the stage and make some noise in public.

What follows is a description from their official website:

Season 1 was about us reclaiming the performance space from the usual tired indie-rock-phat-breaks format, making it inclusive, unpredictable and fun. It was a triumph of enthusiasm over talent. It was the first of many times we would embarrass ourselves in public for the greater good. It was us playing music we love (post-rock, leftfield pop, retro rock, glitch-pop, soundtracks, gabba and noise). It was chaotic live amateur synth-pop improv, post-glitch DJing, bingo-MCing, and lollipops. And hopefully at least a few people had a fun time.

If you'd like a copy of this CD, just email your details to scribe@twentythree.co.uk, and Hooray or iivix will send you a copy for free.

You can also download it for free (hosted by Hallo Excentrico! via archive.org).

For more information, please see I Could Do Better Than That

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