Various - Love Is Dead E.P. (DVR010x MP3)


Release date: September 2007
Pressing: unlimited MP3 EP
Compiled by Mixomatosis
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1) G├Žoudjiparl van den Dobbelsteen - Hestedoktoren
2) Solypsis - An Alternative Method For Lingus
3) Twocsinak & DJ Sarah Wilson - If you're getting it for free, you shouldn't demand extras: documentary (featuring Kate Salisbury & Safetyword), extended scenes ("Lil is dead"; "Frell you, solo") and out-takes
4) Uncivilized - Doing It Again (Re-Sampled)
5) UKDragon - Yoof
6) Pistol Disco - Shake Appeal Master
7) Junkshop Coyote - The Stamper
8) Hooray - Storyville (demo)


This is a collection of unused tracks originally intended for use on Can Buy Me Love IV. Technically you could call it "No Time For Love 4", but as 3 was missed out, it just seemed inappropriate. And as the death of Can Buy Me Love may be drawing near, this seemed like the perfect name.

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