Mixomatosis - Very Unprofessional (DVR011 CDr)


Release date: 1 June 2008
Deleted: 25th December 2009
Pressing: 101 CDrs
Some production by Mixomatosis, 2004-2006
Mastered by Scott Cairo from Pilchard
With thanks to Staff Glover, V/Vm and Emma Gregory for their additional support.


1) Mixomatosis - Up Close And Sexual
2) Mixomatosis - Idiotfucker
3) Mixomatosis - Fade To Kelly
4) Mixomatosis featuring Cassetteboy - Unfit Atmosphere
5) Mixomatosis - Rock Me Nellydeus
6) Mixomatosis - Girls In Paris
7) Mixomatosis - Crockett Like It's Hot
8) Mixomatosis - IZ-USlow
9) DJ Sarah Wilson - An open letter (re: Mixomatosis)
10) Solypsis - Fight For Your Right To Come On Daddy
11) Eraserhead - One Dead Austrian And A Septic Plaster
12) 7u? - Timberlogic (remix)
13) Big In Albania - Remixomatodiddleiosis
14) Hardoff - Girls In Books (Dewey Decimal remix)
15) Shanks Pony - Crockett's Thumb (Acid Dope Coke and Crack mix)
16) Shizzermitenmat - I'd Prefer To Be Listening To The Spin Doctors
plus a bonus contribution from Cats Against The Bomb.


This is the debut album by Mixomatosis, containing a selection of the best of his mashups from 2005-2007, alongside a collection of special remixes from the likes of Wrong Music's Henry Collins (as Shizzermittenmat) and DJ Sarah Wilson, as well as DigiVom regulars 7u?, Big In Albania, Shanks Pony and more. The album has been mastered by 50% of mashup legends and former Sheep On Drugs associates Pilchard.

PLEASE NOTE: This is part one of a ten part series.

Although the album has now been deleted, the limited signed edition, covered in Mixomatosis' nose blood, is still available for £11,998. To purchase this please contact him directly.

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