Various - Undone (DVR013 zine)


Release date: 27 June 2011
Pressing: unlimited edition zine
Layout and produced by Lee Ashcroft
Based on an original idea by Keith Hic

aka. Reverse Engineering Music

Now available for $6 worldwide


Cover: Tara Nicholls
Page 7: Tomoroh Hidari
Page 9: Keith Hic
Page 11: Inti Maria Tidball-Binz
Page 13: anonymous
Page 15: Cats Against The Bomb
Page 17: Amy Wilesmith
Page 19: Andy N
Page 21: iivix
Page 23: Cyan

A group of musicians, writers and artists were each given a piece of music, and were tasked with tranferring this music to a single sheet of A5 paper. Undone collects these designs together into a short zine. This zine was intended for release on Sunday 21st November 2010, artist and musician Bill Drummond's sixth annual No Music Day, though was held back due to technical difficulties. We are currently looking at ways of incorporating Undone into NMD 2011.

Undone is available to buy for $6 USD with free worldwide shipping.

Please note, the music will not be released.

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