Various - Guide To Successful Party Training (DVR015 CDr/MP3)


Release date: January 2008
Pressing: limited CDr/unlimited MP3 album
Compiled by Hicc Records
Artwork by UKDragon
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1) Andy N & Caffmando - Animals In Their Bags
2) Hot Roddy - White Magnum Please
3) iivix - Maisy Mouse Big Beat
4) Cyan & Tara - Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
5) Solypsis - Meowmeowmeowmeowmeow
6) Andy N & Caffmando - My Dog Thinks It's A Cat
7) Anoyphenl - Asleep in the Cove (Pirate Love Song)
8) Junkshop Coyote - Sylvester Jr (Instrumental)
9) Andy N & Caffmando - I Hid A Lion In My Bed
10) Mixomatosis - Ding Dong Kids Song (Live From The Further Unclassified Studios)
11) Cyan & Tara - Starting Again *
12) Joseph Jowers - The March Of Sturmey Archer
13) Shanks Pony - Bob the Builder Remix
14) Cyan & Tara - Cyan Playing *
15) Serpico009 - On The Isle of Sheep
16) Cyan & Tara - Wind The Bobbin
17) Pidgin - Wonderland
18) Bob Loblaw - Never Listen to Your Parents
19) Andy N & Caffmando - The Mouse that went off cheese
20) Jetsetjim - What's it like in the place that you live
21) B.I.N.T. - RaverMouse
22) Cyan & Tara - Grand Old Duke
23) Robostud - Giving In
24) Shanks Pony - Wiggle WoW Woo
25) DJ Beehive Evacuation - Gunna Getcha
26) Onken - The One Eyed Cyclops
27) Shanks Pony - Wiggly
28) deleted track
29) Bearats - Cat Poem Dog Music
30) Alien Hand - Hello Sun
31) Andy N & Caffmando - When I'm Seven
32) Toecutter - The Sugar Before Bedtime Polka
33) Cyan & Tara - Row Row
34) Z=Get - Sokabasu
35) Bix-A-Bix - Bob The Builder (Bix-A-Bix reworking)
36) Mad E.P. - bass_crunchers

* MP3 only - not included on the CDr for time reasons


This is DigiVom's first release in 2008, it's third year of official operation, and it's absolutely stunning. In the words of Hicc Records' Keith Hic and UKDragon, the album's compilers…

Q. What happens when you have kids?
A. You end up listening to lots of children’s songs. This can get mind numbing.

Q. What happens when you electronic music producers have Kids?
A. They to write a few songs for their kids.

Q. What happens when those electronic music producers are Keith Hic and UKDragon?
A. They get their music producer friends from around the world to write songs that are aimed at kids but are also adult friendly.

The CD is the result of his idea; an album for the children, and the parents alike.

Thanks every one involved (even those without tracks); it's been a fun project.
Keith and Clara

Physical copies of this release are highly limted, and it is suggested you download the album and produce a CDr for yourself. If you must have an "official" copy though, contact Keith directly.

PS. Ask Pidgin about track 28.

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