Various - Nonagenarian Nasties (DVR016 CDR)


Release date: October 2007
Pressing: 50 hand-numbered CD-Rs
Compiled by Uncivilized

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1) Uncivilized - I Love The 90's (intro)
2) ROBOstud - Gangsta's Paradise (UnCoolio Mix)
3) Broken Toy - Shred The Nineteeth
4) Cranes - Adrift: Solypsis remix
5) Wyatt Gurp - Regulatorz
6) Beytah - Sweaty Super HiTop Imposter
7) Britney Spears - Baby One More Time (Distance's 'certainly not just Baby one more time (Try Never)' Remix)
8) Crown - Harvester Of The Ghetto Names (DVR16MIX)
9) Datarapist - Intercity Knife
10) Bix-a-Bix - Snap
11) fap*- Shut 'Em Down
12) Big In Albania - Halt, Hammerzeit
13) Junkshop Coyote - Lovingly Scent Marking the Grave of Rock Music's Mercy Killer
14) Raw & Uncut - Straight Gangsta Raw Gangsta
15) Maladroit - Ur Jungle
16) Onken - Blackorwhite (Fasial Reconstruction Mix)
17) Lisbeth Og Bent - If You Had My Love (HELL NO B!TCH! Remix)
18) Scandinavian Noize Syndicate - Drop The Bass (Liam Howlett Remix)
19) Shanks Pony - re-Loaded


This compilation has been produced by Brian Van der Biest, aka. Uncivilized, who has hand-made and numbered every copy, and is releasing them all for free, bar shipping costs. All the tracks on this compilation are remixes of classic pop tracks from the 1990s. As well as featuring DigiVom veterans such as Solypsis, Datarapist and ROBOstud, the release also features exclusive tracks by Maladroit, Crown, Beyrah, fap*, Distance, and many more. Each copy is housed in a DVD-style case, and includes sleeve-notes and credits written by Uncivilized (edited by Mixomatosis).

This release is now sold out. However, it will be made available for download upon the release of Uncivilized's follow-up MP3 compilation Awful 2006/2007.

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