Big In Albania - Iconoplastic (DVR018 MP3)


Release date: September 2007
Pressing: unlimited MP3 album
Produced by Big In Albania

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1) Polished Turd
2) Snarf Abuse
3) BIAtchs
4) BIA Vs Fast Lady - Rock Me Advocatus
5) Odd Ode 1
6) The Time Wurp
7) Odd Ode 2
8) We Shall Never Finger Hitler
9) Mixomatosis - Peaches Is Vomiting In My House (BIA edit)
10) Cassetteboy Are Sh!t
11) Blop Blip Pisht Bip
12) Love Yourself (Love Myself)
13) My Mind Drifting Away
14) Sh!tmatgetsbumf*ckedbyacomputerrobotthing
15) The Sabbath Day
16) R Gray Leg Tit
17) Where There's Smoke, There's Feur
18) Hamlet (Air On A G-String)
19) The G4 Murders
20) The Pina Na Na Colada Da Da Da Da Song


Big in Albania is a high calibre act. - Scorpio Scorpio, 2007

This is an MP3 collection, written and compiled by Digital Vomit's hero of cheese and charity shop vinyl - Ipswich, England's Big In Albania. This release features tracks from deleted CD-Rs, extinct websites, and live video installations, alongside some previously unreleased material, all of which were created between 2004-2007.

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