Dvr019 Various Guide To Successful Party Training Volume 2

Passing the 7000 downloads (now over 9500) make for the first childrens album (and the comments recieved about it) just made me think, "we have to do another one".

Track Artist Title
1 WSicko Bong
2 N/A faery2
3 M.A.N 12.30
4 Automatic Tasty while you were sleeping
5 Macalla dictum
6 solipsys yipyip
7 Keith Hic & Cyan Chimes at CP
8 N/A whatisafaery
9 Tomoroh Hidari - The Original Smurfcore
10 Macalla itchywawa
11 Dalit LoliPop Man
12 Onken The Amazing Chocolatier [mOrphalized mix]
13 gabba_abba _-_old_kidz_on_da_farm
14 N/A the wolf 1
15 M.A.N and Sarah Rees My little friend
16 Martin_Crowley -Hedgehog_
17 Poostosh Vs. Andy N A lesson in interesting writing
18 Automatic Tasty bicycle song
20 Minimal Impact Casio Headbutt Science Lesson
21 N/A faery1
22 M.A.N 8.50am
23 Meep meep_-_eh-oh!
24 DJDonnaSummer djds - got me burnin
25 Macalla mr. wolfenstein
26 N/A the wolf 3
27 Ruairi Mc Dermott (Robo Stud) Kids Track
28 Subsonika ABC
29 Macalla zamanurfaceisgone
30 M.A.N. 10.40am
31 Uncivilized Versus The Possum Play-Doh
32 Automatic Tasty little
33 N/A theend
34 Bearats Window Song
35 Macalla scarecrows dream
36 Felix Helix Ernie and Bert go
36 7U? A click and clap 2 step apology for recent bovine abductions

Art work is nearly done!!!! soon soon!

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