Big In Albania - I Destroyed Disco (DVR021 MP3)


Release date: September 2007 (MP3 only - CD-R TBC)
Pressing: Unlimited MP3 download (CD-R TBC)
Programming / editing / vocals / keyboards: Doug Von Dougstein.
Additional effects / noises: Der Zoosturmer.
Vocal recording equipment provided by Poundland, Ipswich.
Artwork by Vaxthus Potatis

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1) Acceptable In The Eighties
2) The Girls
3) Merrymaking At My Place

4) Ice Ice Baby
5) The Girls (instrumental sing-a-long version)


Tracks 1+2+5 by Calvin Harris
Track 4 by Vanilla Ice
Track 3 by BIA

BIA's second release for Digital Vomit is a tribute to the self-proclaimed king of disco, Calvin Harris, and transforms two of his biggest hits - Acceptable In The Eighties and The Girls - into demonic slices of electro-pop.

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