DVR025 - My Boy Is Dead - Demos 2000-2005


Release date: November 2008
Pressing: unlimited MP3 album
Produced by MBID

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1) Album Intro (Does Thinking About Mutilated Genitalia Get You in the Mood)
2) Fuckin' A Bubba
3) Get A Manual
4) Joe Fuckstick
5) Christ Is Nice
6) 12 - May - Thursday
7) You Fuckin' Whore
8) Feelin' Good's Good Enough
9) God Please Help Me
10) Paranoid Pancakes
11) That's Power, That's Performance
12) I Might Just Smoke Shit
13) Thanks for the Ride, Lady ($25 a Pop Mix)
14) Masking My Contempt


Dirty beats, filthy synths and defiantly unhip movie samples. What's not to like?

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