Various - Acid Vomit (DVR027 MP3)


Release date: November 2008
Pressing: unlimited MP3 album
Project concieved and lead by Doug Von Dougstein of Big In Albania

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1) Rich Uncle Skeleton - I Can't Believe It's Not Dubstep
2) DJ Rock Critic & The Plastic Pachyderms - We Are The Acid People
3) Acidix Trax - This Is The Phuture, Yeah?
4) Spunky And The Penis Monkies - Limited Slip Differentials
5) Pilot81 - eVco acid
6) Proktologist - Assid
7) Aunt Isimilitude - Goomba
8) Dopesick - Chemist
9) Acid Rephluxxx - I Shit On Acid
10) Dept. One - acid02v2
11) El Acidophilus - Vaginal Flora


DVR drops acid, dances like a moron and throws up in the gutter.

Due to excessive drug use, no one involved in this project can remember their names. They aren't allowed to, anyway. This acid style compilation features several of your DV favourites and a few guests under assumed names. It's all the spirit of whatever year acid woz big 'n' stuff.

The Real Identity Of The Artists?

All Artists contributed anoymously under more than one pseudonym. Anyone wishing to reveal their identity should post in this section.

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