Dvr031 Robostud Soothing Sounds For 22nd Century Factory Workers Mp3 2008


This is the debut album by ROBOstud….and also the end of ROBOstud because I will no longer be using this name. If you'd prefer then you could call this "The Best of the ROBOstud Years", but I'd rather you didn't:

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1. Intro
2. friJdoR
3. X minus 1
4. The Canteen
5. F*ckBonoF*cku2
6. The wise old Bird
7. Epilepsy
8. Aonaracht
9. Giving in
10. Riot in The Canteen (Alien Hand Remix)
11. Procrastination of Two Cees - 10 Point Program to pop the Whiteboards Cherry (Twocsinak .VS. ROBOstud)

All tracks by RuairĂ­ McDermott, except track 10 by Adam Power & track 11 edited and augmented by Joseph Howard Grounds

Artwork by Kavi

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