ANE - When Your Cat Gets Mad Ring Bad Bird (DVR032)


Release Date: July 2008
Pressing: unlimited digital mini-album

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  1. Welcome Everyone!
  2. C:SetPatch >NIL:
  3. 25 kV At Maximum Brightness
  4. Do Not Scale
  5. Dark Cube
  6. Amiga-X
  7. NFKD
  8. Do Not Tx.
  9. Rest Asunder
  10. Approx. Run Time 3min PAL 32bit Colour
  11. The Ginzu Sword Cuts The Cheese Once Again
  12. UTF
  13. Closedown
  14. (Saban/Levey)


ANE's new Mini-Album release “When You Gat Gets Mad Ring Bad Bird” is now available for download as DVR032, following on from the track “Various United Artists” which appeared on the CBMLIV compilation. Coming in at just over 36 minutes, this collection of tracks uses all, some and none of the skills of some lurker from the various incarnations of the Digital Vomit and V/Vm message boards. With nothing more technical then a laptop from Aldi, some elastic bands and absinthe, this début serves no other purpose save as background music or as an accompaniment to eating a pie. Topics of thought include the role of the Amiga computer in the Web 2.0 age, asunder’s - and why they should be rented, and some old cartoon messed about a bit.

After some thought, this is the metaphysical release after all.

More details
When You Can Gets Mad… is a mnemonic for the order the colours appear in test patterns for television: White Yellow Cyan Green Magenta Blue Black

ANE began trading sometime in the early 90’s as a way for Andrew Neilson to get his name to snugly fit in some high-score table of a long lost game. Currently writing the notes you are reading now, his only ambition in life is to have no life long ambitions. Anything else is a bonus.

“When You Cat Gets Mad Ring Bad Bird” was recorded and produced by Andrew Neilson in Droylsden and Bristol, England and St. Clements, Jersey between May 2007 and June 2008, and was released on Digital Vomit Records in 2008 without prejudice, liability or anchovy.
Francine’s hair by the Saban/Tatsunoko salon.
Thanks and Without Whom &c.:Noise/Girl, V/Vm, Brainwashed, Digital Vomit Records and all record shops everywhere
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