Tomoroh Hidari - And Music Became Its Own Grandma... (DVR042)


Release date: 'p 24. (St. Pissedoux, caporal of free men) Tatane 136 (E.V. 06 Aug. 2009)
Pressing: unlimited MP3 album
All tracks were programmed, improvised and performed during different live-acts by Tomoroh Hidari
'p 129 - 134 (E.V. 2002-2007)
Even though originating from times before the private 'pataphysical turn of Nemo von Nirgends,
this was compiled and remastered at The Delusory 'Pataphysical Institute of Whateverism 'p 136 (E.V. 2009)
Titles were inserted afterwards and are therefore not Pataphors….

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1) A First Dance About Architecture
2) Reprise 1: Moderato Furioso
3) Valentina Tereshkova
4) Proto-Nothing (Schizoid Version)
5) Grandfather Paradox
6) Reprise 2: More Dancing About Architecture
7) Mnemosyne's Illicit Child

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