Eustachian - Amarok (DVR044)

Nightmarish psychobilly, electronic grindcore and psychedelic metal copulate violently on this album. Veterans of Death$ucker, Cock Rock Disco, Ad Noiseum, etc, EUSTACHIAN find their way onto Digital Vomit for a release of tinnitus-inducing, soul-destroying, cranium-obliterating odds and ends that will murder your family and cripple innocent bystanders.

Editor's Note: Track 3 continues the fine tradition on DV of songs that reference horse sex. We're all very proud.


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1. Gräfenberg Straß
2. Terminal 11 - Birds (Eustachian Remix)
3. Horse Rape 3000
4. DJ Technorch - Schranz X (Eustachian Remix)
5. The Worst Nightmare
6. My Name is Roar Roar
7. Exillon - Gtty + Stomper (Eustachian Remix)
8. Shop Lifter

All tracks written and produced by John Roche & Anthony Welter for Eustachian.

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