Libythth - Unpopular Beats Vol. 1 (DVR045)

Unpopular Beats Vol. 1

The party is over. Your head is pounding, your ears are ringing and all music has melted into a painful smear of computer nonsense that you just want to get away from. You had one too many red bull and it's time to go home. But wait, there's one more thing to check out. Something called Libythth. Just stay for one song then you can leave.

Ok what crap is this? I thought it was supposed to be drum and bass tonight. I want to gesture dance with my moon boots, this makes me feel like I ate a bad acid. I'm trying to down my tempo. I'm grinding my teeth and I'm afraid to go to sleep. I don't like Libythth. What is all that quacking and honking? I'm so thirsty.

The best electronic music is produced in solitude and with without the benefit of anyone else's opinion. It should be unleashed on a bewildered live audience who have no clue how awesome it sounded on headphones the night before.

Libythth has made several attempts over the years to reach out to the underground electronic music community through which it has long passed undetected by participating in THE INTERNET. Lurking on forums, submitting tracks to compilations on small labels, entering little known contests and remixing tracks by other solitary producers.

Libythth is proud to present this FREE collection of custom tracks that got the attention of several individuals during the '00s. Check discogs, most of this stuff is available elsewhere. I don't feel like describing what the music sounds like here. There's a lot of honking, quacking and abusing effects to make sounds sound like other sounds. It will probably make you laugh at least once and slap yourself in the face at least once.

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