Realicide - Mission of Anarcho Gabber Punk 2009 (DVR048)

A riotous blast of live anarcho gabber punk from the nomadic gabber punk legends

Release date: September 2009
Original recording: 11 June 2009 at Tacoskull in Chicago

Robert Inhuman (voice, tapes, ES-1, computer)
Jim Swill (voice)

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1. Chicago show intro
2. Nothing But a Stranger
3. Deathbomb
4. Shit For Reality
5. The Shit Punx Hate!
6. MyStage
7. Open Eyes
8. Can't Relate
9. Chicago show outro

10 - 15. Realicide interview
Squall interview: Robert Inhuman, Jim Swill, Colin Evolve
25 January 2009 at The Foundation in Detroit


Having provided the scene-setting opening track on Aaaaargh!, Realicide return to Digital Vomit with this exclusive live set recorded in June 09 in Chicago (as part of the March-August 2009 tour in support of their "Resisting The Viral Self" LP/CD released via Realicide Youth Records). If you don't already know what Realicide sound like, imagine a US version of Atari Teenage Riot - and just like ATR, this is raw gabba combined with proper punk attitudes, which means they're not just noise-for-noise-sake (much as we also love that kind of stuff in DV), but also provide their own searing social commentary through their lyrics, zines and essays. So if you like your extreme electronic music to be thought provoking as well as straight up in-your-face, go download this now. Capturing Realicide in their element, Mission of Anarcho Gabber Punk 2009 does what it says in the title, bringing together a incendiary live set with edited interview highlights expanding on Realicide's social aims and agenda.

For more on Realicide (including lyrics, essays and tour dates):

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