Various - May Cause Drowsiness - DVR056

Release date: May 2010
Originally conceived by: fRaToR HaTor
Finished by: Thee Crumb
Cover art by: Meep


Digital Vomit's first Ambient Compilation. Over a year in the making.

Well, we call it Ambient - but possibly not as you've known it before…

Download Zip File(hosted by page is Here


Phase One

01 Meep - Sacrilege Was A Word I Once Heard
02 Harbour - Brackish Glow
03 n.sound - Lefthanded
04 Solypsis - The Slook
05 Alma DaaƩ - Dream II
06 Nosens - XXXIII Degree
07 MMI - Sonic Buddha Wallpaper
08 Mass Hypnotized - Red Pill
09 Thee Crumb - Travels In One Direction Only
10 FrAtEr HaTeR - Ophiuchus

Phase Two

11 Doug Sparling - The Disquieting Muses
12 Alien Hand - Gentle Intrusion
13 Junkshop Coyote - Touched By The Hand Of Dave Dexter (And I Feel Fine)
14 Subsonika - Sleep Now Bug Eyed Woman
15 Sister Savage - To Last
16 Drive - The Perfect Drone
17 his Namelessness Is Legion - Synaptic Sleepercell
18 Galileo's Cough Drop - Turning, Returning
19 Drew - Dreaming
20 ANE - Crinkling Of Bottom Edge (Field Collapsed)


Originally conceived in 2009 as a companion to Aaaaargh! this release has been delayed bya combination of factors until now. There's most of the usual crop of DigiVom artists here along with a host of new faces. Although the album works best played through in one continuous session (and has been uploaded in 1 ZIP file), the 2 phases also work as self-contained units, each being around 45 minutes in length.

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