Mixomatosis - ...IS A ROTTING CORPSE (DVR061 MP3)


Release date: 28 February 2011
Pressing: limited MP3 download
Portrait by Tim Oakenfull
Thanks: Dean, Staff, Vicki, Abigail, Richard, Jason, John
Dedicated to Phil Vane. R.I.P.

Download (34.9mb)


  1. Mixomatosis vs Sara Cox - Galvaneyes (2010 'Sick In A Bin' remix)
  2. Extremely Noisy Baby (remixed by Dean Jones from Extreme Noise Terror)
  3. Drugbusters (produced for Colchester Arts Centre Live Art Platform, March 2009)
  4. Without Pay (a beginning, destroyed)
  5. Galvaneyes (now with added controversy)
  6. Hardoff - Girls In Books (Dewey Decimal remix)


Mixomatosis is dead boys, and it's so lonely on a whim…
2004-2010 R.I.P.

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