8 Track Remind (DVR064 8-track)

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Artists are listed in alphabetical order.

callaghan.jpg John Callaghan - When Yesterday Comes
John describes himself as "an unusual songwriter/performer of thoughtful and spiky electronica from Birmingham", whose debut release Newsreal was released on the Alternate Media tape label in 1990. After two highly sought-after singles on the legendary Warp Records in 1998 (the MTV-aired I'm Not Comfortable Inside My Mind) and 2000 (You've Got Your Memories, I've Got My Dreams) and a number of self-released dance compilations, he finally released his debut album, It Might Never Happen, on Uncharted Audio in 2007. He was last seen on the Warp20 (Recreated) compilation reinterpreting an Autechre b-side, and has a limited edition King Records 7" lathe-cut released later this year on Antigen Records.
doomed.jpg The Doomed Bird of Providence - The King Of Coal River
Formed by an Australian ex-pat living in south London in 2008, The Doomed Bird Of Providence are a melancholic five-piece folk ensemble from London and Colchester, recounting tales of Australia's dark history in the tradition of Tom Waits and Ennio Morricone. Following an extremely limited edition eponymous single on their own Laily Records label in 2009, which has since been re-released as a download, the group will be releasing a full album later this year on Manchester's Front & Follow label.
duvall.jpg Al Duvall - Buck Up
Al is a relic of a bygone era in American history. Born in 1883, he was sent forward in time to find job opportunities and has thus been entertaining audiences with witty tales of the moonshine-fuelled deep south for well over a century. Or so he says. It's also rumoured that he's a post-modern singer-songwriter from New York, whose banjo-driven ditties have been released on V/Vm Test Records (The Butler's Revenge), Cock ESP's Sunship Records (Rabbit's Foot Factory) and most recently on dualpLOVER (The Timid Mischief, or Oh! Anomia and Recluses Unite). The track on this compilation sees Al move away from bluegrass to deliver his own take on 50's rockabilly, newly-purchased electric guitar in hand.
fatigued.jpg Fatigued Owl - The Key
Where Fast Lady once strode, Fatigued Owl had already tread… Formed in the late 1960s, this Welsh progressive-rock trio are as mythical as they are unreal. This is the debut release from the latest project from the Stoke-based purveyours of "ironica" Bubblegunner Recordings, also responsible for Snow Patrol-supporters Machine Rock, the deeply suave The Colonel and the legendary Zodiac Mindwarp supporting, V/Vm Test/dualpLOVER heavy metal electrock artistes Fast Lady.
liebe.jpg David Liebe Hart and Adam Pagagan - Bed Bugs, Roaches, and Rats
David Liebe Hart is a puppeteer, actor, songwriter, sign painter, musician and street entertainer from Los Angeles, California. He is best known for his long running LA public access TV programme, The Junior Christian Science Bible Lesson Show, his performances outside the Hollywood Bowl, and for his guest appearances on [adult swim]'s Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! Together with friend and fellow musician Adam Papagan he has recorded four albums of semi-improvised, "outsider" music on topics as diverse as space aliens, television and his own colourful life and philosophy, all available to download for free. The track on this compilation was written, recorded and produced in a single day.
hissing.jpg Hissing At Swans - Tale Of Woe
Hissing At Swans are an enigmatic, record breaking (their performance on Absolute Radio's Absolution show lasted longer than anyone else's up to that point) lo-fi girl-pop duo from Essex and London, bringing together ukuleles, 80s keyboards, glockenspiels, thunder-makers, homemade videos and bittersweet lyrics in live shows that bear more in common with art exhibitions than concerts. This is their debut release.
janskynoise.jpg Jansky Noise - The Osprey
Originally part of the Harder! Faster! Louder! scene cited in Wire magazine in mid-90s Manchester, along with V/Vm and DJ Speedranch, Jansky Noise has since gone on to release albums for the label he helped to establish, V/Vm Test Records (The Cuckoo and Animal Is The Wonder) and, in collaboration with DJ Speedranch, for The Leaf Label (1999's Welcome To Execrate) and Planet Mu (2003's Mi^grate). A long-time supporter of Digital Vomit, he has appeared on three volumes of Can Buy Me Love, and released his first full-length solo album in 8 years on the label in 2009 (Something good is going to happen).
nit.jpg Nit Nurse - Poetry
Nit Nurse is a singer-songwriter and occasional transvestite, performing comically bittersweet songs about life and love in London, with nods to Jake Thackray, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy and Graham Coxon amongst others. Following a series of online and ultra-limited CD-R releases and two live shows with Dead Air, this is his first label release.
PFFR are an arts collective from New York, whose collective CV reads like a who's who of modern American comedy. Between them they've been directly involved with MTV's Wonder Showzen and Doggy Fizzle Televizzle, [adult swim]'s Xavier Renegade Angel and Delocated, as well as South Park, Saturday Night Live, Superjail!, The Chris Rock Show and many others. When not making television programmes, they are involved in the New York art scene, producing works such as the exhibition An Attack On All Americans Or The Tyranny Of Weed, the SuperDeluxe documentary The Hands Of God and "pornsploitation" movie Final Flesh, released by Drag City in 2009. Musically they bear resemblance to Boredoms and Throbbing Gristle, and they released albums in 2003 for Invasion Planète Recordings (Injustice Center) and Birdman Records (United We Doth). They are currently working on a new album, and season of two of Delocated is due to air in the US later in 2010.
solypsis.jpeg Solypsis - Skullfucking Is So 2007
Denver-based Solypsis has been producing tracks since 1998, originally specialising in ear-splitting, speaker-destroying noise tracks such as I'd Like To Hold Your Brain and Charming Pervert. In 2005, after running the short-lived label Couch Fort Records with Eft, he established the innovative Digital Vomit Records as a label without boundaries - a label literally anyone could be signed to. He is the creator of the notorious Can Buy Me Love series, and has released albums on VUKZID and Freenoise.
weis.jpg Sarah Weis - Quentin TarantiNo
Sarah Weis is a multimedia artist and performer who is "committed to locating the few magic spots left in this existence and then squeezing them as hard as she can until the juice bursts out. She then proceeds to add various artificial colors and flavors, but DON'T BE FOOLED… if you savor the delicious concoction for a moment, you will taste many levels of reality, some completely organic. Sometimes you may also taste something really nasty or swallow an unidentifiable chunk, but later you will realize it made you feel better the next day. And sometimes she carbonates the shit out of it and shakes it up with pop-rocks, just to see what it will look like (this kind is really fun to drink, if you're brave enough to try!). When she isn't bottling magic juice, she works with found objects, her own voice, sound waves, brain waves and bodily fluids to try to expand your mind in the direction that she sees fit……."
beau.jpg Beau Wanzer - Storming The Castle
Michuel Beau Wanzer is an electronic musician and former member of minimalist-pop outfit Golden Birthday, based in Chicago. Armed with an array of vintage synths he has appeared on cult underground labels such as Disaro, Catholic Tapes, NATION and German label Discos Capablanca.
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