Teuthis Galore - Shields are Important

Release Date: October 2011
Pressing: Unlimited MP3 Album

Track Listing:

1. The Praxis of Unintelligible Phantasmagoria (6:43)
2. An Enthymeme for the Lobotomized (9:51)
3. Artero Moth Thema (4:29)
4. Macrocosmic Alchemy (5:53)
5. Tuvan Heights (3:59)
6. Artero Moth Thema- Perpetual Metamorphosis (5:29)
7. Cordyceps (10:43)
8. The Ice is Near… (5:44)
9. …The Solitude Tremendous (6:07)
10. Bonus Track- Artero Moth Thema - Perpetual Metamorphosis (take 2) (5:29)

9 improvised electroacoustic pieces with total duration of about 64 minutes. The sound source for most of the pieces is a banjo, but guitars and vocals are used as well. One of the tracks was made into a sort of remix and added as a bonus track.

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Teuthis Galore

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