Thee Crumb - The Curious Effects Of Snake Oil And Other Phenomena (DVR095)


Release date: 29 October 2011
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01. Ruy Lopez (3:12)
02. The Beast Moves In Darkness (3:42)
03. Mikan (1:55)
04. Greenish Light Emanating From A Spinning Globe (4:26)
05. Hidden Transmitter (3:32)
06. Fetish Slump (1:03)
07. How To Be In Two Places At Once (2:48)
08. Scarecrows (3:30)
09. Fortuna/I'll Trade You Some Moonrock For A Piece Of Your Dream (3:49)
10. Snake Oil Effect (1:35)
11. Omen Corner (3:57)
12. Meadow Fresh (1:16)
13. Beyond The Gates (5:31)
14. Ashes Of Summer (4:08)
15. The Wilderness King (0:45)


Between November 2010 and September 2011, Thee Crumb recorded six albums of which, so far, only one (the RPM Challenge album Leave Your Barren World Behind) has been released. This particular album was recorded mostly during December 2010, although several of the tracks have their beginnings long before that. Meadow Fresh is excerpted from a live show at Colchester, UK, recorded 9 October 2010.

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