Various - Dead Can't Dance (DVR099)

Release date: February 2012
Pressing: Unlimited MP3 download
Compiled by: Teuthis Galore
Artwork: Beytah

A vile conglomeration of undead tracks from the DV crew. This grimy compilation contains some DV regulars like Solypsis and Alien Hand as well as some (relatively) newcomers such as A1K3M1 and Daniel Lambert.

Track Listing:
1. The Engineer - Solypsis
2. Compost Required - Teuthis Galore
3. Naming It Was A Mistake From The Start - ANE
4. Giant Miniature Squirrels - Daniel Lambert
5. Some Things Never Really Die - Thee Crumb
6. The Z Word - Alien Hand
7. Hemorrhage - Pulverized Fontanelle
8. Ossuary - Beytah
9. The Unrelentless March Of The Living Dead - Larsen FX
10. Plastic Rhino - A1K3M1
11. A Fist Of Droning Flies - Teuthis Galore
12. Feeding Time - Zombie Possum
13. Temporal Tantrum - Solypsis

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