DVR100b Not Notable: The Best of Digital Vomit - Version B

A "Best Of" collection is a very subjective (and often exclusionary and inaccurate) thing. Because of this, we have decided to release multiple versions of our "Best" as selected by different artists. This collection was assembled by Solypsis.

Not Notable: Version B includes the following artists:

1 Goodiepal
2 Rank Sinatra
3 Anti Kati
4 DJ Donna Summer
5 Chemist
6 Eustachian
7 Maruosa
8 Nosens
9 iivix
10 Jansky Noise
11 Casino Vs Japan
12 Az-rotator
13 Twocsinak and DJ Sarah Wilson
14 Ttoe
15 FluiD
16 Cock ESP
17 Solypsis/Meat Beat Manifesto
18 Realicide
19 Toecutter
20 DJ Rainbow Ejaculation
21 Nvoise
22 VVm

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