Jansky Noise - Slow Order V1 (DVR111)

Released 11-11-11.

In association with El Perro Rojo Records, Digital Vomit is proud to present a epic new full-length release from Andy "Jansky Noise" Macgregor. It is, in a word, glorious, but we should let the man describe the project himself:


‘Standing at the gate of the 21st Century, we find rapid highways brimming with accelerated desires, soon, we will want the reverse, to go back, to return to the slow order. The search shall remain.’

The base of the album evolves around an 80′s synth classic. It’s a slow motion, slow momentous ride, slow electronica, coupled with romance.

Fusing large structural harmonics and old masters – exploring fluidity, contrast, colour and expression.

In the struggle of sound a blurred new form emerges, uncertain and obscure.. Modulated music, both diminished and expanded. One thing, nothing, and everything is here."



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