Ecfundo Postremus - The Final Vomit

Digital Vomit.

It was the spring of 2005, and I was spending more time than I should hanging out on the VVM,
Cock Rock Disco and Planet Mu forums. It was a time and place of phenomenal mutual and nurturing
support. James Miller (Solypsis) was finishing working with Couch Fort Records with the release of
‘Can buy me Love’ and wanted to continue the momentum.

The idea of a collective, without a leader, but with a single aim – to promote members' music,
whatever that may be, without preconceptions or rules. Decentralised and unpretentious.
Launched from the sub thread on the VVM forum, the Digital Vomitorium was created in its own
right and Digital Vomit was born.

People were invited from every corner of the web, reaching upwards of 280 artists worldwide.
Many doubted it would last, yet here we stand, 10 years and over 130 releases later, having
persevered and rolled with the punches in a world that has changed in a myriad ways. We have
seen others follow our lead. We’ve enjoyed 8,000 downloads in one weekend. We've thrown three
live events in two continents. Through it all, we’ve managed to stay true to our original ethos.

DV was monumental in its success – more than any of us ever expected.

But now we find it time to say goodnight.
DV worked, and even with this final compilation I hope will continue to inspire.

Digital Vomit is Dead. Long Live Digital Vomit.

Keith Hic

released 09 January 2015

Compiled and mastered by Adam Power

Cover artwork by Jason Asato

Reading words by James Miller

Hearing words by Mattie Twentythree

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