Felix Helix

Sometimes ambient, sometimes like some robots pissing ball bearings into a metal bucket. That's the official line.
From our myspace:
"some describe listening to us as "what it feels like to be analy violated"
,"sounds and feels like your ears are being corroded","BONKERS" or "like being in a dodgy shower that goes hot, thn cold, powerrful, thn drips n comes out in spurts" ha what positive reviews and aren't they deserved?"

Me and Henry. Henry and I, we're nice people. One makes robots pissing ball bearings, the other one actually makes (made?) music. Guess which is which. It makes listening to us more fun.

NEW IN 2014: Raminder (Mulla)'s audio and visual vomit. New tracks etc can be obtained here.

For an assortment of other slabs of audio:

I've said too much, I fear.
Hugs and kisses,
Mulla (Felix Helix)

Releases on DV:
DVR019- Everybody Loops

DVR055-Teenage Sickbag

DVR3652-Ecfundo Postremus - The Final Vomit

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