Frater Hater

IDM, GDM, ghettotech, ambient, psybreak, neurotrance, noise, racket, 8-bit death metal, chiptune, glitch, trance, dream theme, cybermagick lullibies, technomancy, experimental, drum-n-bass, shoegaze, drone, jungle, techno, techstep, breakcore, audio collage, weirdness of all audio frequencies.

FrAtEr HaTeR aka hyphield, is an artist and musician of an experimental nature using technology and music to transcend reality and master consciousness. The music speaks for itself. All of the albums are different, different concepts, ideas, themes, and vibes. All the previous albums from last year and earlier this year can be downloaded from aleph9.

Any new information on FrAtEr HaTeR can be found, as well as show updates and new song and album info at frater hater. To download the recent split album with Pigshit click the following link "rapture".


FrAtEr HaTer does not charge money for any of his albums or music at all. He does not ask permission to use anyones sound clips or samples, nor does he give a shit if you use his music for anything at all. He believes that all music and art should be free and that copyrights should only insure that people don't steal your work outright and put their name on it. That being said, go download and enjoy all of his albums!

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