Release date: 9 June 2009
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1. spontaneous amoeba
2. the 1st call
3. inky abyss
4. anima of horror
5. arise oh deep one
6. all hail daikaiju
7. ressurection from the bubbling slime
8. GANIME (2nd incarnation of GEZORA)
9. possession of obata
10. eternal sleep
11. pentegram of tenticles
12. murderous rampage
13. undulating terror
14. the feeding
15. neverending chaos



IA IA GEZORA is a chaos ritual designed
to diefy GEZORA as a godform which
resonates with Leviathan
of ancient Babylon, Apep of the
Egyptians, and the godform
Cthulhu of HP Lovecrafts Mythos.
It is a 15 track, 20 minute spell
laced with VST tweaked radionic
hyper-sigils and servators to
reach its own end. The 2nd
function is Orko resonating with
Thoth, Hermes, Mercury, etc.
And the 3rd is Mother Brain as the Goddess Isis and the reflecting pool of GEZORA. It was originally called Da'ath metal, for those acquainted with the Tree of Life.

This album is 8-bit death metal. Mostly an experiment orchestrating cartoon, scifi, and horror sound effects with chiptune riffs tweaked with hard VST effects over some hardcore blast beats and death metal drum solos. IA IA GEZORA is one of the weirdest FrAtEr HaTeR albums yet and was even more fun to make as it is to listen to. Please download and enjoy.

hyphield aka FrAtEr HaTeR

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