I Could Do Better Than That

…is conceptual art in performance (with lollypops)

It's improvised chaos, it's a public spectacle, created by nobodies. Join in, and you could be a nobody too!

It all started back in January 2003, when friends and co-conspirators Mattie (iivix) and Hooray met at Bill Drummond's designer-dilapidated Hoxton hang-out for a quiet pint. Unfortunately, their peace that night was disturbed by some pitiful live electronic noodling.

Fuelled by dirty lager and a spirit of reckless adventure, the pair harassed the Foundry into giving them their own gig, despite never having played together before. The next slot fell a mere 8 days later, but undaunted they returned, instruments in hand but otherwise utterly unprepared, and made a racket. In the resulting chaos, the boys threw open the challenge of spontaneous noise to the floor, and I could do better than that was born.

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