Debut album "Very Unprofessional" is out now on Digital Vomit, and can be gotten from here, as well as a free MP3 companion album "Even Unprofessional", available here.

5" single "…Is Dead", released on Hirntrust Grind Media, is available to buy direct from Mixo at his MySpace.

Mixo's tracks have appeared on all four Can Buy Me Love compilations.

A 1-sided C-90 album, working title 'Unexpected Serenity', is due to be released in an edition of 50 on Australian label Smell The Stench in 2009.

Under his real name, he has written music for the ABC sitcom Double The Fist, which is due to be broadcast on Australian TV in October 2008, and worldwide in 2009 (probably).

He's got a website - m-pi.com/mixo (hosted by Hardoff)

And a MySpace

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