Pidgin makes cheerful non-breakcore-core and Scottish-hop.

Long-term advocate of turning down the volume and not kicking out the JAMs. Was once mistakenly called a girl on WFMU, by Donna Summer/Jason Forrest. Runs the now-dormant International Dubplate Mafia Records and revolutionary MP3 label Bumhong.


As Pidgin

V/A - Dry Heaves (Digital Vomit) 7"
V/A - Use Once And Destroy (Devilmusic Music) CD
V/A - Can Buy Me Love (Couch Fort) CD
V/A - A Very Merry Christmas (Intl Dubplate Mafia) CD-R

As Junglie Sammie

Junglie Sammie - Shadowplay (Bumhong Records) MP3
Junglie Sammie - Beat Junglie Sammie (Bumhong Records) MP3
Junglie Sammie - We Lost Our Way And Found Our Gifts But All That We Have Now Is This (Bumhong Records) MP3
Junglie Sammie - Glamour (Bumhong Records) MP3
V/A - The Rolf Harris Mashup CD (Wrong Music / Goulburn Poultry Fanciers Society) CD
V/A - Jeremy Beadle: A Tribute (WrongLab) MP3

Artwork credits

V/A - Can Buy Me Love (Couch Fort) CD
Shitmat - Hang The DJ (Wrong Music) CD/2LP
DJ Scotch Egg & Shitmat - Rave Like A Headless Chicken (Wrong Music) 12"
Skeeter/nwodtleM - Fueled By Coffee (Wrong Music) 7"
Various - Label Game - Level 1 (Undecided/Terminal Dusk) 12" (forthcoming)
Shitmat/Shitnat split (Wrong Music) 7" (unreleased!)

Most likely to be found listening to:

Justified Ancients of Mu Mu
Daphne & Celeste
Boards of Canada
Frank Zappa

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