Various - Can Buy Me Love (PILLOW02 CD)


Release date: August 2005
Pressing: 500 CDs
Compiled by Solypsis
Mastered by Tim Breitberg
Artwork by Taras Young


1) Hardoff - Snogging Horsies
2) The Toilet - g4ra fr60 he33
3) Dow Jonestown Massacre - Fuck Manu Ginobili (In Loving Memory Of Ryan Gilliatt)
4) Kid Time CD-ROM Adventures - Banarchy
5) Solypsis - Kick Out The RAM
6) Alien Hand - Boyzone Vs Westlife
7) Terminal 11 - Odd-22
8) Datarapist - One Night In Bangkok
9) Urethra Franklin - A Lease-You-Broke Mailer
10) Harbour - Chess/Faction
11) Spazmodics - Late-Night TV
12) Christopher Jion - Bombaclaat Gunshot
13) DJ Yves St Laurent - Rockin' It To The Rich Kids
14) Nvoise - Sever
15) Anti-Kati - Dolphins Are People Too
16) Pixiu - Goodbye Everybody I've gtg
17) Bradbury And The Church Of Bling - Mary Businesscard-Foot Is Back
18) V/Vm - Who The Fuck Is Mr Bucket?
19) My Boy Is Dead - Thanks For The Ride, Lady
20) Pidgin - Elm Wood
21) iivix - Storyville
22) Justice Yeldham and the Dynamic Ribbon Device - Live, Oklahoma City, USA, 100305
23) Eft - Holding Chairs For Girls
24) Bullsozerman - Total Shit
25) Kid Time CD-ROM Adventures - Whitney's Chronic Bukkake Lazer Deathmatch
26) 7u? - Illegal Busking In Summerbay
27) Mixomatosis & Fast Lady - She Moves Quimmen ($40 Edit)
28) Jansky Noise - The Problem Is The Key
29) Hooray - Pulling Out Of Chingford And The Dusk Is Falling Fast


This is the second release from Couch Fort Records, and it's final physical release ever. This is the one that started the whole pay-to-play concept of Digital Vomit. It originated on the V/Vm Test Records web-forum in early 2005, and Solypsis convinced over 20 different artists to pay for time on a CD in exchange for copies of it and the ability to do whatever they like with their timeslot.

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