Various - No Time For Love (PILLOW02b MP3)


Release date: September 2005
Pressing: unlimited MP3 EP
Compiled by Solypsis

Link to download page (hosted by A-Klass Records)


1) Christopher Jion - 30 Ghosts
2) Junkshop Coyote - Intro (Forest)
3) Mochipet - Break Your Neck Like A Chicken
4) Solypsis - Swino (Hardoff Remix)
5) My Boy Is Dead - Feelin' Good's Good Enough
6) iivix - Kelly's Aquatic Adventure
7) Urethra Franklin - Mrs. Miao Confronts The Evil That Lies Within The Heart Of A Compie
8) Meatsock - Garystape2
9) Terminal 11 - shelby
10) Spazmodics - Late Nite TV (Alternate Version)
11) Trilobyte - There Is Shame In Sampling
12) Lamppost - Crossbreed
13) My Boy Is Dead - God Damn Death Dedication
14) Casino Versus Japan - Sad Opiate
15) Keith Hic - Freainsrsolesnasier-DRIVE


This is the first volume of the MP3 outtakes companion to Can Buy Me Love. This is also Couch Fort Records' last release as a functioning label. Like DigiVom's No Time For Love 2, this release has been made available from the Canadian label A-Klass Records on their website.

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