Reverse Engineering Music Part 1

how do you describe a piece of music. is it possible to really understand what the music is like from the description. can it be re-created from the descripion?

this is the first stage - a group of people will each be given a piece of music (a snippit of sound or an aural artifact) and will asked to describe it.

Give the same piece, how do the description differ?

The second stage is to give a single description to a number of people and see how they re-create the piece from the description

The source sound will be kept secret and only know to the writer and Keith hic.
Like wise the piece described will not be know to the musican re-creating the peice.

In the game:
keithhic (organiser)
Junkshop C

ok. we've decided on a "common track" so expect emails soon - when my pc works again.

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