'RuRee' is a 23 year old guy from Ireland whose real name is RuairĂ­ Mc Dermott.

I was going under the name ROBOstud for the past few years, but I've decided to dump it now. I've been producing stuff for a few years now, and i feel that i have made alot of progress since i began. my first tunes were either Noise (as seen on the Dry Heaves 7") or drone. i quickly became bored of making this because it was too easy to make and i felt that i needed to challenge myself more.
I don't come from a very musical background. i started playing bass at the age of 16 and i know how to play the theme from 'Terminator' on the piano, but that's about it.

you can download my album (DVR031) from the releases section.

check the artist page 'RuRee' if you want to see what I'm upto these days.

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