Westcountry Robot.

Subsonika On Digital Vomit Records:

DVR029 'Subsonika' LP available as free download HERE!

DVR038 'Super Fun Warning!!' LP available as free download HERE!

Track 'Bitch' appears on DVR010 'Can Buy Me Love IV'

Track 'ABC' appears on DVR019 'Everybody Loops'

Track 'Breakin Da Law' appears on DVR036 'Breakin The Law' (aka Chris Torrent)

Track 'Sleep Now Bug Eyed Woman' appears on DVR056 'May Cause Drowsiness'

Other Releases:

Appears as 'Redneck Robot' on 5 GSB Albums

contact: ku.oc.evil|akinosbus#ku.oc.evil|akinosbus



myspace/bristol triumph

Subsonika On Last FM

Subsonika On Soundcloud

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